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About us

A powerhouse of exquisiteness, Ritiveda aims at celebrating the Spirit of Womanhood in its true form.

Who We Are?

Crafted with the modern woman in mind, Ritiveda is a celebration of her personality and indomitable spirit. It aims at enhancing the beauty of every woman who believes in pushing the limits whilst embracing her feminine grace. A perfect amalgam of Traditional Tales written in the ink of Contemporary Designs to nurture and accentuate the ethnic goddess in you.

What makes us special?

Revisiting the Ancient Era

Each style reflects the ancient traditions of Indian Craftsmanship in a contemporary vocabulary. From everyday ensemble to poised workwear, each design at Ritiveda is curated for the global Indian woman with a contemporary lifestyle - who flaunts her ethnicity as she sets trends and breaks barriers, every day.

Handpicked Styles

All our products at Ritiveda are hand-picked and are of highest quality. And our designs are unique, sophisticated, fresh & exciting keeping the love for celebrations and Indian fervour in mind.

So, if you are looking for striking a perfect balance between subtle and statement, log in to, start shopping and tick all the boxes in your wish list at one go.